Saturday, October 30, 2010


The Mexican League champion Saltillo Saraperos had a visit Friday from Mexican president Felipe Calderon, who was in Saltillo to help inaugurate the city’s new Chrysler plant.

The president rode in a new Chrysler with his young son as well as Saraperos owner Don Alvaro Ley and team president Sergio Ley to their visit with several Saltillo players, coaches and general manager Eduardo Valenzuela. Coahuila governor Humberto Moreira was also on hand.

The group chatted for several minutes about baseball, its history in Saltillo and the meaning of the Saraperos’ two championships. “We think the promotion of this sport in fundamental in society,” said Alvaro Ley. “It’s undeniably necessary to not only help in the fight against delinquency, but also in generating education and creating a positive activity for the community.”

Calderon received a Saraperos jersey with his name and the number 200 (celebrating Mexico’s Bicentennial) and a jersey for his wife with the number 100 to mark the centenary of the 1910 Revolution.