Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tucson Mexican Baseball Fiesta: Snapshots

I made it back home to the Pacific Northwest from Tucson Monday night, with a layover in Phoenix where I experienced my first-ever flight delay.  Only a half-hour late, nothing to complain about.  The little bag of mini-pretzels were wonderful.

Since you’ve already waded through four days and thousands of words from the Mexican Baseball Fiesta,  I’ll wrap up BBM’s coverage with 15 pictures taken with a Kodak C-195 during Sunday’s doubleheader.  I’m not a picture-taker by nature and it shows, but I do think they at least give a glimpse of what went on for four days.  One thing you’ll see consistently are smiles.  Lots of them.  These were taken from pregame warmups for the opener between Mexicali and Obregon to the end of the Hermosillo-Los Mochis nightcap.  I’ll just post them in the order they were taken, without captions.  None needed.  It’s Mexican baseball.