Wednesday, February 24, 2016

MexPac to use 22 days announcing awards; Bammys coming next week

The Mexican Pacific League has begun announcing postseason honors for their 2015-16 season, with three outfielders given Golden Gloves awards Tuesday.

The naming of Navojoa left fielder Quincy Latimore, Mexicali center fielder Chris Roberson and Hermosillo right fielder Sebastian Elizalde as the MexPac's best-fielding outfielders kicked off what will be a 22-day stretch in which the league releases the names of its top performers in dribs and drabs, culminating with the Tuesday, March 15 announcement of the LMP's Matias Carrillo Trophy for best batter, Ronnie Camacho Trophy for top slugger and the Playoff MVP, three weeks after the first winners were announced.  The Hector Espino MVP Trophy will be mentioned on March 11.

Conversely, our own BBM Winter Awards, lovingly known as the "Bammys" (hey, if ESPN can lay on the cheese...) will require only next week to announce.  Admittedly, there won't be as many awards as the LMP does, for which we proudly hide behind the old saw that "brevity is the soul of wit."  When in doubt, quote Shakespeare.

Anyway, here's a look at next week's BBM Winter Awards schedule:

MONDAY - Manager of the Year
TUESDAY - Batter of the Year
WEDNESDAY - Pitcher of the Year
THURSDAY - Most Valuable Player
FRIDAY - Playoff MVP

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