Thursday, November 29, 2012

BBM Shuts Down

Sorry it took me so long to post SOMETHING about what's been happening with BBM, but my mom's health has taken up most of my time and attention this year so some things had to be sacrificed, including this blog.

After much consideration, I've decided to fold Baseball Mexico for good.  Although I've had some great people who've taken a personal interest in my efforts to "spread the word" on Mexican baseball (longtime subscribers Carlos Fragoso and Jim McCurdy top the list...I consider both to be friends now), BBM has only had about 100 free subscribers and zero revenue from the two league guides I put out in 2011.  That just one of 24 teams (the Mazatlan Venados) has ever so much as acknowledged the existence of BBM or its predecessor, Viva Beisbol, also had a role in my decision to shut BBM down.  I should note that Jose Carlos Campos very graciously posted VB on the Mexican Pacific League's official website when he was working for the league.  Having the only regular English-language contribution on the MexPac site remains my greatest accomplishment in covering Mexican baseball.  However, when it gets down to it, the interest just isn't there for what I've been doing here and it's time to move on.

Sometime in 2013, I'll be embarking on a new project in which I'll be broadcasting daily one-minute sports updates on shortwave radio via WRMI in Miami, where the BBM radio program was aired weekly.  I'll be covering the so-called "mainstream" teams and leagues like the NFL, NBA, NHL (if they ever play again) and MLB.  Jeff White at WRMI has been extremely easy to work with for years, and I'm looking forward to taking up this new challenge with Jeff's support and encouragement.

I'd like to thank everyone who's been a subscriber or simply logged on to either Viva Beisbol or Baseball Mexico for seven interrupted years (VB began in March 2005 and at one time was carried by seven websites).  I hoped it was worth your time to read.  Even though I'm stepping down from producing BBM, I remain convinced that more people in the USA and elsewhere should be aware that a very good brand of baseball is being played year-round in Mexico.  I'll always have a soft spot for Mexican teams in the Caribbean Series, World Baseball Classic and Little League World Series as well as both the Mazatlan Venados and Obregon Yaquis during the winter.  It's been a pleasure.

Saludos Cordiales,


  1. Bruce, you have done an impressive job- thank you so much! My mother is 85-years-old and I lost my dad 16 years ago. Let me know if there is anyway I can help.
    Please keep in touch via Facebook.
    God bless,
    Robert Kiyoshi Shadlow

  2. Bruce: Sorry to hear that Baseball Mexico is shutting down. Thanks very much for your great coverage over the years. Hope your mother's health improves, and best of luck with the radio project.

  3. Bruce, Thanks for publishing this web site. You have news and photos that can't be found any where else on the web. Guess I will have to learn Spanish if I am going to keep up with Mexican Baseball now. I also recieved your newsletters via email. I was wondering if something was wrong because I had not heard from you in months. Now I know something was wrong. My only regret was not finding your web site years ago. Thanks again.

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