Sunday, October 30, 2011


Because of scheduling conflicts and needed prioritizations elsewhere (sorry to be so cryptic), Baseball Mexico will be taking the Mexican Pacific League's regular season off with plans to be back in time for the January playoffs and the Caribbean Series in February. There's no crisis or anything like that...I just don't have the time right now to do justice to this blog or newsletter. I AM happy to send a full color PDF file of the 30-page BBM 2011-12 Mex Pac Guide for free to anyone who wants a copy. It has Opening Day rosters, stadium photos, team directories, highlights and stats from last season along with profiles of each LMP city.

There are three websites you can access daily to keep up with the Mex Pac in BBM's absence: One is the MLB Caribbean Leagues page, which posts results daily and offers timely stats and standings of all four CS leagues. Second, there's Puro Beisbol, which may be the best baseball site in Mexico and a longtime source of story material for both BBM and the earlier Viva Beisbol site/newsletter. The third is the Mexican Pacific League website itself, for obvious reasons. The Puro Beisbol and Mex Pac links are to English translations...Puro Beisbol can be tricky to work with, but worth the effort.

If all goes according to plan, I should have BBM back and running at the end of December when the playoffs are just about to get underway. Again, my apologies for what will end up being about a 10-week hiatus, but sometimes even a favorite hobby like this has to take a backseat and this is one of those times. Thanks for understanding.