Sunday, May 22, 2011


Hola Everybody,

After a nearly month-long hiatus brought on by a temporary added workload at my "real" job (the one that pays the bills), I'll be bringing Baseball Mexico back the first week of June. The format will undergo some minor surgery: There will be no more daily scores and highlights, but there WILL be three short-form stories per week (Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays) while a weekly capsule rundown for each LMB team is also planned for posting on weekends. I've cleared out the older posts on the blog's main page, but everything ever posted on BBM is still archived via the column on the right hand side.

The BBM Mexican League 2011 Season Guide will soon be on sale via eBay. With the LMB season at the midway point, it should be a valuable resource during the stretch drive of the regular season and the playoffs in August. If you don't want to wait for the Guide to be available on eBay, send me an email at and I'll give you details on how you can order your copy directly. It's the only Mexican League guide available this year, and no serious fan really should be without it (in my humble opinion, of course).

Back Soon,