Friday, January 14, 2011


Players for the Mexican League’s two non-competing franchises will be dispersed among the 14 remaining Liga clubs in a special draft to be held January 17. With the decision to not field teams in Nuevo Laredo and Chihuahua in 2011, the rights to over 50 players will be on the boards. The draft order will be based on teams with the lowest won-lost percentages in 2010, which means Veracruz (.371) will pick first, followed by Laguna (.421), Minatitlan (.423) and Tabasco (.434).

Chihuahua made the playoffs last year and there are intriguing players on the Dorados roster. Pitcher Mac Suzuki (pictured) led the Liga with a 2.89 earned-run average and will likely be a high pick, as will closer Jose Silva, who’s been lights-out in the Mexican Pacific League playoffs this month for Culiacan. Position players Francisco Mendez, Michel Abreu and Jacob Cruz will probably get good looks, too.

Conversely, Nuevo Laredo suffered an awful 2010 season and the Tecos remnants have little to offer other LMB sides. Rosman Garcia (6-8, 3.32) is the best of a bad lot of pitchers, and veteran first baseman Pedro Castellano (.336/10/66) seems the best bet among position players to be taken.

The draft will be orchestrated via internet via the Liga office in Mexico City.