Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TABASCO OLMECAS (2010 record: 46-60)

The Olmecas are historically one of the Mexican League weak sisters, and 2010 was another object lesson in “how.” Tabasco finished 14 games under .500 with a revolving door of players coming in and out of Villahermosa (no less than 68 different men suited up for the Olmecas last year), three men managed the team and just 105,379 fans found their way to the ballpark for home games.

New manager Derek Bryant inherits this mess. He is not entirely without talented players. 1B Michel Abreu (.292/17/71) was the only player to hit more than six homers, OF Tike Redman (.355/4/41) did well in 62 games and journeyman OF Lorenzo Buelna (.294/5/50) is a career .300 hitter in nine Liga seasons, but the Olmecas lineup is not going to frighten anyone beyond their own fans.

Of those 68 players last year, 39 were hurlers who combined for a 5.16 ERA. Only William Vizcarra (9-3/4.63) had more than five wins and Francisco Villegas (2-1/2.98/24 saves) was an effective closer, but the well starts running dry. Juan Pena (5-5/3.83) and Gerardo Esparza (5-6/4.98) will battle for the number two starter’s job, which is kind of like being first mate on the Titanic: Someone has to do it.
Under a proven skipper like Bryant, the Olmecas WILL show up for games…but that’s about it.
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Anonymous said...

I don't agree with this article. Just look at their lineup this year, it's improved on about every position. Offense improved considerably, and with pitchers like Juan Pena, Gaudencio Aguirre or Alfonso Sanchez they have a lot more pitching quality this year. I see them easily finish above .500 this season.

Anonymous said...

By the way, don't get me wrong, this is a great blog. This league is very scarcely covered outside Mexico, and I don't understand spanish very well. So I really enjoy reading your previews and facts.

Baseball Mexico said...

We'll see what happens...I WAS pretty harsh, but the team's been a basket case for years. I hope I'm wrong and that the Olmecas turn it around. It's okay to disagree, by the way. That's part of being a fan.

And thanks for reading BBM. For what it's worth, my own Spanish is horrible. If it weren't for Google and Babelfish, I'd be up a creek.