Thursday, September 16, 2010


A Jalisco man says he is hopeful that when Guadalajara hosts the 2011 Pan American Games, the event can be a starting point leading to the return of a Mexican League team to the state of Jalisco.

A story by Paulino Perez on the Puro Beisbol website says Armando Navarro announced “the beginning of the return” of the Charros at a September 8 press conference. “I think this is the last chance for the return of professional baseball to this city,” Navarro said. “It would be hard to build a stadium in the future for this sport.” A ballpark for the Pan Am Games will be built in nearby Zapopan (model pictured). While Navarro says he has had talks with Zapopan officials about putting a Liga ballclub in the new facility, he has not heard from the Jalisco governor or Guadalajara’s mayor.

Jalisco has hosted Mexican League teams four different times between 1949 and 1995, winning LMB pennants in 1967 and 1971. Guadalajara is Mexico’s second-largest city with over 1.6 million residents but is considered by many to be more of a soccer hotbed than baseball city.