Thursday, August 26, 2010

BASEBALL MEXICO Summer 2010 Awards coming

Beginning Friday, August 27, we will be announcing our Baseball Mexico Awards for the 2010 Mexican League season.

The BBaMmys (sorry) are selected by a committee of one: Me. Being hundreds of miles from the USA-Mexico border poses some challenges, the largest of which is an inability to watch players from all 16 Liga teams play. However, I can read statistics with the best of them, and covering the LMB in-depth during the season has allowed me a peek into which players are making the most impact with their numbers.

Sure, these awards are entirely subjective, but it's almost always like that. Look at it this way: There won't be a bloc of East Coast writers swaying the BBM Award voting because I can't be bought. Rented, maybe...

Here's the schedule of dates for BBM Award announcements:

FRI, August 27 Manager of the Year

SAT, August 28 Newcomer of the Year

SUN, August 29 Pitcher of the Year

MON, August 30 Most Valuable Player

TUE, August 31 All-Star Team

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