Monday, July 12, 2010


Despite taking their usual spot near the bottom of the Mexican League’s attendance derby in 2010, the Tabasco Olmecas will be back in Villahermosa’s 10,500-seat Estadio Centenario del 27 de Febrero next year. The Olmecas had drawn 94,364 fans for their first 47 home games this season for an average of 2,007 customers per opening, topping only Nuevo Laredo (1,763 average) and Minatitlan (1,391) among the LMB’s 16 teams.

A Lauro Jimenez story on the Puro Beisbol website reports than during an interview with Radio SuperDeporte, Olmecas council chair Roger Perez said the team’s board of directors has committed to another year in Tabasco (with government support), and that the board hopes to retain Enrique “Che” Reyes as manager for another year. In April, Reyes became the third man to manage the Olmecas this season, following Gustavo Llenas and Daniel Fernandez.

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