Sunday, February 7, 2010


Now that their management situation appears to have been settled, the Chihuahua Dorados have taken a proactive approach to bringing players to training camp later this month.

According to Dorados general manager Iram Campos, Chihuahua had a list of 35 players heading into February, as well as options for five Monterrey Sultanes players (including major league veterans Benji Gil and Jose Silva). The Dorados have also brought another former big league pitcher, Mac Suzuki (pictured), on board for 2010, as well as ex-MLB outfielder Jacob Cruz.

And Campos isn’t done yet.

Campos was in Venezuela along with Dorados team president Mario Rodriguez for the Caribbean Series, where he had talks with Caracas pitchers Orber Moreno and Darwin Cubillan. Puro Beisbol quoted Campos as saying he was “very advanced” in talks with Moreno, and that Cubillan had contacted him during the tournament to discuss playing in Chihuahua.

Moreno, a 32-year-old submarine pitcher who has MLB experience with Kansas City and the New York Mets, was 2-1 with a 3.41 ERA in 37 innings for Mexico City and Quintana Roo last summer. The 37-year-old Cubillan has pitched for four major league teams, and was 3-5 with a 5.20 ERA while splitting the 2009 Mexican League season between Oaxaca and Mexico City.

The Dorados would likely use Moreno in the closer’s role this year, while both Suzuki and Cubillan would alternate between middle relief and setup man.

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