Friday, December 4, 2009


Although the Saltillo Saraperos are still glowing in the aftermath of their first outright Mexican League championship, that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped looking to improve. The Saraperos recently hosted 70 young players in a tryout camp at Estadio Francisco I. Madero under the watchful eye of Saltillo scouting director Jose Luis Garcia.

The players, ages 15 through 19, were all timed in 60-yard dashes before being broken up into groups according to position for fielding drills. Pitchers were clocked for speed as well as evaluated for variety of pitches thrown. Players were invited back for a second day to give them time to show their batting skills. Saraperos general manager Eduardo Valenzuela was also on hand to watch the first day of tryouts.

Garcia said after the trials, "I want to reiterate to the young people of Saltillo that these tryout programs will continue for the Saraperos club, since it is always important to be on the lookout for prospects born in this state in our search for professionalism. It is a career that demands a large dedication and discipline to play a high-performance sport."

The Saraperos finished the 2009 season with the fifth-best record in the Liga at 59-48 before embarking on a playoff run that resulted in series wins over Reynosa, Laguna and Quintana Roo for the pennant. Saltillo won 12 of 16 postseason games, including a nine-game winning streak between August 5 and 25.

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