Saturday, December 19, 2009


At this month’s Baseball Winter Meetings in Indianapolis, Mexican League president Plinio Escalante (pictured) gave the Nuevo Laredo Tecolotes one week to clarify their ownership situation the Liga’s satisfaction, or risk losing the border city’s slot in the LMB schedule for the 2010 season.

Earlier this year at a league meeting in Puebla, Escalante said that both Nuevo Laredo and Chihuahua needed to straighten out their management and financial problems before proceeding with plans to play next year. Although Chihuahua was rumored to be the possible target of a sale and move to Chiapas, the Dorados appear to have found local investors and will likely stay put in 2010. The situation has not been resolved in Nuevo Laredo, however, and Escalante put a December 15 deadline for the Tecos to get their house in order.

One other ownership situation appears to have been resolved when it was announced that Carlos Peralta will keep the Quintana Roo Tigres in Cancun after seeking to sell the team his family has owned for over 50 years to local investors. None were found.

Liga owners also announced the 2010 season will once again consist of 107-game schedules, with each club playing only against other squads within their eight-team divisions. As in 2009, the top four teams from each division will advance to the playoffs.

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