Saturday, October 3, 2009


While managers, coaches and players are tuning up for next weekend’s openers in the Mexican Pacific League, the men in blue have been spending time in training camp, too.

Mex Pac umpires opened their own eight-day preseason session last Wednesday in Hermosillo under the director of LMP umpire instructor Jorge Bauza. In all, 19 umpires were on the field working on calling pitches and dealing with various in-game situations they’ll be expected to face this winter. At the end of camp, 16 umpires will be divided into four quartets that will work all Mex Pac games in the regular season and playoffs, with the remaining three umps placed on a reserve list.

“The course is basically a review of technique questions; that is to say that they’re sharpening up on things they already know while addressing unique things,” said Bauza. “The other aspect is to review some plays that are very common, but the criteria are different for making the calls.”

LMP manager Oviel Dennis added that the umpires “are an important part of our organization, and the LMP wants to hear their opinions and concerns. For that reason, we’re working with them in favor of improving their professional qualification.”

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