Wednesday, August 24, 2016

LMB Division Semifinals result, highlights for Tuesday, August 23

YUCATAN 7-10-0, Campeche 1-6-0 (Yucatan wins series, 4 games to 2)
W-T. Solis (2-0). L-Campos (0-2). HR-none. T-2:54. A-12,000.
Tomas Solis allowed 1 run in 7 innings; Jesus Valdez was 3-5 with 1 run, 1 RBI for Leones

Division Championship Series
North: Monterrey Sultanes (1) vs. Tijuana Toros (3)
South: Yucatan Leones (1) vs. Puebla Pericos (2)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Monterrey, Tijuana, Puebla complete sweeps; Leones up 3-2 vs. Campeche

The first round of the 2016 Mexican League playoffs were smooth sailing for three team who've punched tickets to the two Division Championship Series.  Puebla, Monterrey and Tijuana all completed sweeps of their four-game Division Semifinals against Quintana Roo, Laguna and Monclova, respectively, last weekend. Yucatan leads Campeche, 3 games to 2, in the remaining quarterfinal set.

In the Northern Division Semifinals, Monterrey seemingly had a tougher time with the weather than they did Laguna, as last Tuesday's opening home game against the Vaqueros was suspended by rain in the bottom of the fourth inning.  Umpires halted play shortly after the Sultanes overcame a 1-0 deficit by plating five runs in the bottom of the frame.  Monterrey finished the win Wednesday afternoon and went on to cop the next three contests, the final two in Torreon last Friday and Saturday.

The Sultanes will face Tijuana in the LMB North Championship Series.  The Toros had to fight Monclova all four games.  The tone in that series was set last Tuesday when the Acereros stretched Tijuana before the Toros won, 5-4.  The following night in Monclova, it took TJ eleven innings before finally vanquishing the Steelers, 4-2.  Things didn't get much easier when the series shifted to the border city, as the Toros battled to 6-4 and 2-1 triumphs to send the Acereros to the golf course.  Monclova had defeated Tijuana six of nine games during the regular season.

In the LMB South semis, Puebla dispatched the defending champion Tigres with surprising ease, sailing to 9-0 and 6-1 wins over Quintana Roo at home before working a little harder to score 4-2 and 7-5 victories in Cancun to close things out.  The Pericos kept up the solid batting they had during the regular season by scoring 26 runs over the four games, but it was Puebla's pitchers who really stepped up by allowing just two runs per game after posting a 4.38 ERA during the season.  Quintana Roo had won the season series between the two teams, 5 games to 4.

The Pericos will face the winner of the Yucatan-Campeche quarterfinal.  The Leones finished the season with the best record in the LMB at 77-33, but the Piratas have given them all they can handle in the postseason.  Yucatan took the first two contests in Merida, 4-0 and 3-1, and looked like they might wrap things up when the series shifted to Campeche.  However, the Piratas are no pushovers and while their 57-51 record was the weakest of the eight Liga playoffs teams, they won five of nine games from Puebla heading into the postseason.  The Piratas won Games Three and Four, 3-1 and 11-7, to knot the series up at two games apiece.  Yucatan snuck away with a 6-5 road win Sunday to take a 3 games to 2 series lead.

Games Six and Seven (if needed) will be back in Merida, where the Leones were 42-16 this year. Game Six will be Tuesday night.  Should Campeche prevail, Game Seven is set for Wednesday at Parque Kukulkan.

Monday, August 22, 2016

LMB Division Semifinals results, highlights for Sunday, August 21


Yucatan 6-10-0, CAMPECHE 5-15-2 (Yucatan leads series, 3 games to 2)
W-Negrin (2-0). L-J. Castillo (0-2). HR-E. Beltre (C), Gurerra (C). T-4:05. A-5,811.
Jose Aguilar led Leones with 2 singles, 1 run, 1 RBI; Luis Alfonso Garcia had RBI double for Yucatan


Monterrey 2-7-0, LAGUNA 0-5-0 (Monterrey wins series, 4 games to 0)
W-Carrillo (1-0). L-S. Valdez (0-1). HR-none. T-2:28. A-7,367.
Sultanes' Cesar Carrillo scattered 5 hits over 6.1 IP; Ramon Rios, Alex Valdez had RBI singles in 6th

No games

Campeche at Yucatan in Merida

Campeche at Yucatan in Merida (if necessary)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

LMB Division Semifinals results, highlights for Saturday, August 20


CAMPECHE 11-13-4, Yucatan 7-7-1 (Series tied at 2 games apiece)
W-Yan (1-0). L-J. Gutierrez (0-1). HR-Retherford 2 (C), M. Leon (C), H. Rodriguez (C), E. Beltre (C), Sosa (Y). T-3:33. A-5,893.
C.J. Retherford cracked 2 homers; Engel Beltre and Henry Rodriguez each hit 2-run homers for Piratas in 8th to break 7-7 tie

Puebla 7-10-0, QUINTANA ROO 5-9-1 (Puebla wins series, 4 games to 0)
W-Bustamante (1-0). L-Judy (0-1). HR-Barton (P). T-3:15. A-6,490.
Nyjer Morgan's bases-loaded walk in 4-run 8th pushed across Pericos' game-winning run


TIJUANA 2-5-0, Monclova 1-7-0 (Tijuana wins series, 4 games to 0)
W-Sanabia (1-0). L-Caldera (0-1). HR-A. Romero (T), Marques (M). T-2:26. A-15,989.
Alex Romero's 2-run homer in 6th was enough for Toros to complete sweep of Acereros

Monterrey 9-14-1, LAGUNA 4-12-1 (Monterrey leads series, 3 games to 0)
W-M. Gonzalez (1-0). L-Silva (0-1). HR-J. Pena (L), A. Rodriguez (M). T-2:56. A-9,185.
Arturo Rodriquez' 3-run homer keyed 7-run 4th inning in Sultanes win

Yucatan at Campeche
Monterrey at Laguna in Torreon

Saturday, August 20, 2016

LMB Division Semifinals results, highlights for Friday, August 19

CAMPECHE 3-9-0, Yucatan 1-6-1 (Yucatan leads series, 2 games to 1)
W-Rivera (0-1). L-Castellanos (0-1). HR-Serrano (Y). T-3:14. A-5,771.
Oscar Rivera pitched 6.2 innings of 1-run ball; Jesus Arredondo hit 2 doubles, scored and had 1 RBI

Puebla 4-10-2, QUINTANA ROO 2-4-1 (Puebla leads series, 3 games to 0)
W-Torrez (1-0). L-Bueno (0-1). HR-none. T-2:50. A-6,972.
Willy Taveras had 3 singles, 1 run and 1 RBI for Leones; Wes Torrez 3 shutout innings in relief for win

TIJUANA 6-14-0, Monclova 4-7-0 (Tijuana leads series, 3 games to 0)
W-Ramirez (1-0). L-Delgado (0-1). HR-none. T-3:13. A-15,024.
Dustin Martin RBI single in 4th broke 4-4 tie; Olmo Rosario was 3-5 with run and RBI for Toros

Yucatan at Campeche
Puebla at Quintana Roo in Cancun
Monclova at Tijuana
Monterrey at Laguna in Torreon (Monterrey leads series, 2 games to 0)

Friday, August 19, 2016

LMB Division Semifinal result, highlights for Thursday, August 18

MONTERREY 13-12-0, Laguna 5-7-1 (Monterrey leads series, 2 games to 0)
W-Solano (1-0). L-Gutierrez (0-1). HR-Valdez (M), Almonte (M), Mendez (L). T-3:35. A-16,941.
Javier Solano pitched 5 innings of shutout ball, Alex Valdez hit 3-run homer for Sultanes

Weekend Schedule
FRIDAY, August 19: Yucatan at Campeche, Puebla at Quintana Roo, Monclova at Tijuana
SATURDAY, August 20: Yucatan at Campeche, Puebla at Quintana Roo, Monclova at Tijuana, Monterrey at Laguna
SUNDAY, August 21: Yucatan at Campeche, Puebla at Quintana Roo, Monclova at Tijuana, Monterrey at Laguna

Thursday, August 18, 2016

LMB Division Semifinal results, highlights for Wednesday, August 17

YUCATAN 3-8-0, Campeche 1-7-1 (Yucatan leads series, 2 games to 0)
W-Solis (1-0). L-Campos (0-1). HR-none. T-2:56. A-11,321.
Corey Wimberly had two RBI singles for Leones.

PUEBLA 6-7-2, Quintana Roo 1-6-1 (Puebla leads series, 2 games to 0)
W-Lara (1-0). L-Ortega (0-1). HR-none. T-2:39. A-12,102.
Cesar Tapia doubled, singled and drove in 2 runs for Pericos.

Tijuana 4-10-1, MONCLOVA 2-7-1 (11) (Tijuana leads series, 2 games to 0)
W-Barreda (1-0). L-Leon (0-1). HR-Lamas (M). T-3:35. A-4,777.
Dustin Martin and Miguel Torrero hit RBI singles in top of eleventh to give Toros lead.

MONTERREY 8-11-0, Laguna 2-5-2 (Monterrey leads series, 1 game to 0)
W-Torres (1-0). L-Horst (0-1). HR-German (M), Sappelt (M), Rios (M), Vasquez (L). T-2:31. A-3,473.
Sultanes held on for win after game was suspended by rain Tuesday, completed Wednesday